Monday, October 11, 2010

Beautiful Weekend!

I took an extra day off this weekend to get caught up, relax and to craft a bit. We went fishing on Saturday at Fuller Lake and then took a little hike at Emerald had such beautiful, clear, emerald water...there is so much beauty in our own backyards! We just need to take the time to visit! As far as crafting goes...I finished my "scrappy quilt". It is totally made with my left over scraps and I felt so resourceful to be able to use my scraps to make something so beautiful!

Tonight is game 4 for the Giants....please give us a win! This has been an exciting series and to bring home a win tonight would be BEAUTIFUL!


  1. Very pretty picture! Love the colors of the quilt!

  2. I love, love, love your scrap quilt! It's so beautiful - great job!

  3. Beautiful quilt! Sometimes it pays to hoard scraps huh? LOL. And what a great picture. Is that where you were fishing?

    GO GIANTS!!! So glad they were able to pull it off. And thanks for the texts during the game. It helps break the tension in the house! Those games are too intense!!! LOL!