Monday, May 30, 2011

Dream Big

Hope everyone is enjoying this Memorial Day weekend! Once again, I wonder who invented the 5 day work week! (three days off is perfect)
Here is a card I made for a little guy that is very sick...sending him some Lego love!


  1. Super cute card...I'm sure it will brighten the little guy's day!

    I'm totally with you about a 4-day work week and 3-day weekends!! I wish I could work a schedule like that EVERY week!! ;)

    Enjoy your extra day off!!

  2. seriously right?!!!! 4 days working...3 days off...perfect...

    Well, the poor boy...hope that he is feeling better... but your card is super CUTE!

  3. Awe...I hope the little guy feels better soon! Your card is really fun, very boyish, and goes awesome with that gift! Great job!