Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Sofia Workshop on the Go!

Here are some layouts I made using the Sofia WOTG. I do love the scrapbook recipes in the kit!

One layout is of our granddaughter Allie's 2nd birthday. It was so funny, she woke up on her birthday and started "acting" two! I almost titled the layout "It's My Party and I Will Cry if I Want To", but decided to scrap her cute pics instead! I think she was just overwhelmed, by all the people, jumpy house, sand box (with pink sand!) and well just all the excitement.

My second layout is of my Mother's Day... such a wonderful day in a St. Helena winery. And even though my boys couldn't be with me, I truly felt spoiled by all my flowers and the wonderful day.

ps...hoping someday I will take better pics of my layouts so that I don't have to crop them so much! working on it...LOL


  1. I love how you changed up that birthday layout. Sophia is one of my all-time favorite girly packs. My daughter turned 3 in May, around Mother's Day.

    You did such a beautiful job on these. Just had to leave you a comment. :)

  2. Great layouts! I do think that you need to do another layout, though, using the "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" title...after all in scrapbooking we journal the good AND the bad experiences/photos - ha! ha! ;) Someday you'll look back on the pics of her crying and everyone will get a giggle out of it! :)