Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cricut "Cars' Cartridge

It seems like ages since I have posted!  I guess it is because I really don't think you would be interested in pictures of my desk at work!  I now have "a bit" more work to do since we are short handed...ugh. 

Anyway, we are having a baby shower after church tomorrow and I am in charge of a money tree.  You would think at Easter time there would be cute trees I could decorate but no success there.  Oh, Pottery Barn had a cute one for 68 dollars! LOL super helpful Hubby "found" some manzanita branches and whala...we have a money tree.  Her nursery is done in Pixar's Cars and I borrowed a Cricut cartridge from a friend. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  I hope to do some more crafting this weekend....need my therapy!