Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Life

Catching up on my Project Life album.  So much fun to do!  I am good at taking pictures, just need to get them put in the page protectors!  I am not putting too much pressure on myself and just doing month by month, not day by day or week by week.  Maybe next year I will tackle the week by week...

I love taking pictures of random things I see, like this Scrapbook wine I saw at the store...so darn cute!

Birthday brunch with my son, he is not liking his picture taken at this point in his life, so I needed to catch one while he was texting.  Hey, whatever works! 

Some basketball pictures.  I love using embellies and some "vintage" stamp sets I have collected. 

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Spring!


  1. Totally loving this side of you, can't wait until your next post :)