Friday, September 3, 2010

Flashback Friday Challenge!



My friend shared this on her blog and boy what a challenge. We were to post one of our first scrapbook pages and then a current page. What can I say..."We have come a long way baby!"

This Flashback Layout was made around 2000....when my boys were way into their teenage years and I was wondering where my sweet boys went! I found their pictures and started creating albums of the days when they still liked me! Great therapy! Thank goodness those years do not last forever!

I am slightly embarrassed by my first layouts, in fact when my son was showing his girlfriend this album my husband said to me "You really need to update this!" What do you think?

Check out Tsurata Designs...she has an adorable blog!


  1. I just had a good chuckle! I meant that in a nice way! Thats awesome! See how far you have come! ;)

  2. I'm sooo glad that you joined in on the flashback friday challenge!!!! Look at your use of paper and embellies it!!!! funny that your hubby would say that..but that was totally the look back then....I think that our styles and tastes are ever changing and it is a good reminder when we 'look back'....

    Thanks again for playing with me!!!!! off to check out your bloggie!

  3. You have come a long way baby!!! Love your new layout. But also love your old one too. Like Amy said, it's nice to look back and what we did in the past. Have a great 3 day weekend! Woo Hoo!