Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scrapbook Workshop Layouts

Close to My Heart came out with an awesome new "how to" book. It has many ideas for "inter-active" scrapbook layouts. I wanted to use some of the recipes for our next workshop but it was so hard to pick just two! We will have to do more in the coming months. The book is call "Magic" and can be ordered on my website at http://tammywisterman.myctmh.com

I hope you can see the "inter-activeness" from my pictures! The "I Heart Fall" layout is right out of the Magic book! Different paper but same idea. Totally "scrap-lifted"! I used CTMH Flip Flaps on the "Merry Christmas 2010" layout. I love how you can add so many pictures to one layout!


  1. This is an adorable idea, but aren't the flip flaps hard to access once you put your page in a 12x12 sleeve?

    1. I use the flip flaps in two different ways. I attach them to the outside of the sleeve protect. this way the photos will be seen with little or not effort. the 2nd way, which I am not fond with) is to cut 3 slits on the protective sleeve. Only 3 that way when the protective sleeve is gently pulled pack it will show you the flip flops and the pic's as well.