Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2008 and 2009....

Okay, so I have not been a good blogger lately.  I have been crafting, but not taking pictures.  Hopefully, this weekend I will get out the camera and start shooting!  I only have one birthday party to attend and then I am free!

I have been catching up on my scrapbooks and have been adding some digital pages to help with this process.  Studio J is a very fast way to get this done!  And yes, a couple of these layouts are pictures from 2008 and 2009....geez!!!

Have a fabulous week and Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Great layouts, love them ALL :)

  2. Lovely layouts...nice pictures

  3. Don't feel too bad...I haven't been posting as much lately either! I did have a long post today, though, with photos of my updated craft room. :)