Friday, June 15, 2012

So Thankful!

Happy Friday!  For this I am very Thankful! 

Our Women's Ministry is having our annual Garden Party tonight.  The theme is gratitude and so I made these journals to record things we are thankful and will be giving them out to the ladies that attend.  It is always a nice time to visit and eat yummy desserts.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  I, for one, hope to sleep in tomorrow!


  1. Oh my goodness these are so perfect! I love the design and colors.
    What a spectacular gift idea sweetie.
    Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment on my post today, I so appreciate your visit sweetie.

  2. What a wonderful gift to give your Women's Ministry ladies - such pretty journals! I'm sure that they were tickled to receive these from're so thoughtful! :)